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263 As of 22 May, 515 detainees had been released 264 and more than 140 were released on 9 August.
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"Bahrain's King Gifts 3,000 to Every Family".170 That month alone, four protesters had died due to torture in government custody including journalists Karim Fakhrawi and Zakariya Rashid Hassan al-Ashiri."These Are the Controversial Satellite Photos That Set Off Protests in Bahrain"."So they rely on foreign recruits to unquestioningly carry out orders of violently suppressing protests he said.Retrieved Michele Dunne (18 February 2011).The forces crossed into Bahrain via the King Fahd Causeway.302 dead link Journalist Don Debar, who has Al Jazeera experience, confirmed that the station has been heavily guided by the Qatari government in its policies.72 At night, police attacked a small group of youth who organized a protest in Karzakan after a wedding ceremony."Bahrain sentences protesters to death".The Times ( The Australian ).The Bahrain Centre for Human Rights said that Bahraini authorities were blocking a Facebook group being used for planned protests on 14 February, and that its own website had been blocked for many years.Org/forever-young-2019/ Call for Entries: Czech Center New York reflect what YOU ARE deadline: February 5, 2019 For more info: Call for Entries: GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 deadline: March 1, 2019 For more info: ml January 12, 2019 Call for Entries: Analog.

93 94 Sunni activist Mohamed Albuflasa was secretly arrested by security forces after addressing the crowd, 96 making him the first political prisoner of the uprising.
The move was supported by Al Wefaq National Islamic Society former gran premio aggiornamenti MP Abduljalil Khalil, who said that the society was "ready for serious dialogue and this time had no preconditions".
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329 Four members of the Shura council, the upper house of parliament, Mohamed Hadi al-Halawji, Mohamed Baqir Hasan Radi, Nasser al-Mubarak and Nada Hafad resigned in protests against the crackdown.
231 Nabeel Rajab, head of the centre, said that the group was "only asking for political reforms, right of political participation, respect for human rights, stopping of systematic discrimination against Shias".13 :66 A few weeks before the protests, the government made a number of concessions such as offering to free some of the children arrested in the August crackdown and increased social spending.Archived from the original on 22 February 2013.132 The opposition reacted strongly, calling it an occupation and a declaration of war, and pleaded for international help.Deaths 13 : Killed By Civilians Expatriates Security forces Security forces 20 1 medaglia oro alleanza assicurazioni premio fedelta 1 Protesters 3* Unknown assailants 7 2 acquario in regalo roma 1 Disputed 16 1 Security forces (allegedly) 35 Not applicable 2 1 * A trial for 7 protesters accused of killing police is still going.He was accused of involvement in an attack on other police officers, despite a total lack of evidence tying him to the crime.40 On, over 100,000 attended 41 and another on 31 August attracted tens of thousands.