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He lives in New Jersey with his wife, Shelly, a producer of Lidias Italy, and young children, Alex, Julia and Luca.
He then joined Costa Italian Cruise Line where he embarked on his culinary journey as a chef around the world for 10 years.Four years later, he opened his own restaurant, Osteria del Sole, in a quiet section of Greenwich Village as a tribute to his homeland island of Sardinia.He emphasizes his cuisine with fresh and flavorful ingredients that artfully combine to acquire an exquisite taste to each of his dishes.In 2003, he joined Il Mulino as their Executive Chef, opening their 18 locations.Novità di questanno è il premio speciale ad un uomo: alessio boni.Nuova intervista buono sconto emporio del caffe a La zona morta ( Filippo Radogna).In 1980, Michele settled in America and began his family.Utilizes hands on management of culinary team to achieve a positive culture of accountability through focused training and development.He looks forward to putting his own twist on the restaurants seasonal Italian cuisine and catering to the crowd he knows so well. .

Macchine sanremo premio critic contro macchine, metallo contro metallo.
Born and raised in Naples, Pasquale Cozzolino has always had a passion for cooking.
Alessio Boniè stato scelto non solo per la sua carriera dattore ma anche per il suo impegno nei confronti delle persone meno fortunate.
Non siamo catalogabili in niente e non dobbiamo mai farci catalogare in niente, perchè abbiamo una forza dentro che spacca il mondo!
I miei sogni tra le pagine.La recensione di Just Nerd (Manuel Enrico).Over the years, preparation of delicious food became Tinas passion, thus when Trattoria Lincontro opened its doors, it was an obvious choice that Tina should be part of this new exciting restaurant and she climbed on board to help with the kitchen staff and prep.Also I was the chef for the show Saturday Night Live and been featured on several television programs including guest chef segments on NBCs Today, The Today Show, and NBC News.AA Alitalia, and many others in different city.La recensione di Ilcantooscuro (Alessio Brugnoli).His resume of pots and pans has almost the thickness of a telephone directory and is doted with stints in prestigious restaurant and cities, starting in Paris during mid-90s, then moving on to London, Monaco, Milan, Los Angeles and New York just to name.Si ringraziano per la partnership e il supporto allevento: alcantara, volkswagen, lierac, belvedere vodka, moet chandon, toni GUY e seletti.

In fact, Chef Cozzolino uses pizza recipes that are 200 years old and bold in flavors.