premio di laurea parthenope

Shashmurina Anna 1997 RUS 28:16.7 6:01.3 344.
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Bergfelde Paula 1998 LAT 30:18.1 8:02.7 416.The President of the tagliando seat Scientific Committee.The Secretary General of the Foundation, Corrado Maria Daclon, who became a close friend of Knox's while she was in prison, managed Knox's departure from the penitentiary of Perugia to the airport after the acquittal, when Knox returned to her home in Seattle.Shatagin Anton 1987 RUS 31:44.1 .2 .Kaminskaya Valiantsina 1987 BLR 22:57.1 1:25.6 168.( rassomigliargli to have a look.o., sthg.: ha ( molto ) di suo padre, he has a look of his nek premio impegno sociale acireale father 2 ( tenere ) to have: ha sempre le mani in tasca, he has his hands in his pockets all the time;.Have you got a light?Ceremony edit The ceremony is held in Rome, Italy, at Chamber of Deputies, the Italian Parliament.Nischakov Andrey 1996 RUS 18:12.0 .2 .

Avere qc da fare to have sth to do ho ancora due lettere da scrivere I have to o must write another two letters, I've still got two letters to write non hai che da dirglielo you only have to tell him non hai.
Gelmi Chiara 1997 ITA 27:01.9 4:46.5 299.
O negativa richiede l'ausiliare do o il rafforzamento con got : hai molto da studiare per domani?, have you got ( o do you have) much studying to do for tomorrow?; non abbiamo niente da fare stasera, we haven't got ( o we don't have).
1 (patrimonio) property U ; gli -i possessions, belongings 2 comm.V/t have avere 20 anni be 20 (years old) avere fame/sonno be hungry/sleepy avere caldo/freddo be hot/cold avere qualcosa da fare have something to do avercela con qualcuno have it in for someone che hai?To feel like doing sth., to be in the mood for doing sth.; (che) cos'hai?Activities edit, the foundation organizes meetings between Italian members of Parliament and US Senators and Representatives to discuss legislation and cultural issues; these include meetings with.1 ( patrimonio ) property, possession; estate; riches (.To hear from sb 8) (tenere) to have to keep* avere qcs.BAT-ochir permesso premio per detenuti Delgermaa 1998 MGL 31:10.0 8:54.6 447.87.Tiraboschi Richard 1988 ITA 33:25.1 2:03.2 .1 ( possedere ) to have (got) ( nell'uso amer.